Expect More

“Ugh, I hate our technology.”

How often do we hear this? How often do we say this?

It’s almost a given, something we can share an eyeroll about at the coffee machine. Most of us almost expect to struggle with technology. 

Can we really afford that expectation? Technology is probably at the very center of how we effectively deliver, track, and measure our programs these days. 

Imagine being a race car driver with an engine that is malfunctioning and slowing you down. And imagine that you just accepted that as normal and kept trying to race.

We can no longer afford to expect -- and allow -- our technology to be subpar. The first step to building and managing an effective technology landscape is raising our expectations.

Consider this simple statement: 

Your organization’s technology should work, and it should provide you value.

Can you say that about your organization? It’s not too much to ask. Let’s stop viewing dysfunction as normal. Let’s start expecting more, and putting in the work to make it happen.

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