It's all about supporting the product managers

It's all about supporting the product managers

Once we’ve mapped the world, and we now know what we’re supporting, and the general suite of tools that need to be used, it’s all about setting up your product managers up for success.

Here are the overarching guidelines we can use to direct our efforts to the most meaningful ends:

  • Getting the best ones you can

  • Making sure their remit is clear and reasonable

  • Co-defining priorities

  • Helping them get the staff they need

  • Helping to establish practices/processes:

    • within own product domain

    • with rest of product team

    • with non-product staff around org

  • Helping them to set up a training and support structure

  • Helping them get the budget/tools they need when they need them

  • Helping them get the external support they need

    • Strategic Guidance

    • Engineering help

Once this is up and running, it can be thought of as simply these three things:

  • Monthly goals

  • Weekly targets / obstacles

  • Regular outreach and communication with internal customers