Building Rocketships

If you’re harnessing the opportunities that technology truly offers, it's not just about barely surviving. It's about raising your game to new levels where your technology starts to enable your organization to transform itself on a regular basis. 

Your staff is spotting efficiencies, grasping unseen opportunities, testing new ideas, optimizing, experimenting, and learning. That’s the real north star. That is when your organization’s technology is no longer about trying to fix leaky pipes. 

When you build a culture of smart technology, you’re building your organization a rocketship.

Once you’ve seen this potential, you realize there are corners you should never cut.

What’s the purpose of a rocketship? To get you somewhere ambitious, to carry out your mission, and to come back alive. That’s true of your organization, too, isn’t it?

You don’t need gold plated gear shifters, you don’t need Corinthian leather seats, but you do need a thoughtfully architected, exactingly built ship, and every piece of essential functionality tested by highly capable staff for a thousand different conditions. 

If your systems and technology are really unimportant enough that you plan to outsource the whole thing, barely pay attention, cut budgets, limit staff time, or rush things that deserve careful attention, you might need to consider getting out of the space travel business. You won’t be able to compete. Maybe look into building a go-kart instead.

Otherwise, if you're looking to travel to grasp the unlimited opportunities of technology space travel, you need to invest seriously in the effort, and to pay serious attention at every step along the way. Be smart about your investments and leave those corners intact.

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