You're a Tech Company

Lyft and Uber are tech companies. That's obvious, right?

But are they really? What do Lyft and Uber really do? They’re taxi services, shuttling people in cars from one location to another. What’s so tech about that?

The answer is that their entire business depends on the consistent, high-quality function of a technology product. If their apps and systems don’t function consistently, at a high level, the whole thing falls apart. If they’re not constantly paying attention to what is working well and what needs to be improved, they will fall behind.

We would argue the same is true nowadays for just about every organization or business of any kind. What modern-day mission can be realistically accomplished without the high quality function of a technology backbone?

And guess what tech companies do that we all need to be doing? They care enough about tech to resource it with a robust team of smart people. It doesn’t happen by itself. 

Whatever you do nowadays, you’re also a tech company. Let's admit that, and then put good people on delivering it.

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